Wonderful World Of Demonic Panic! Watch As Their Plans & World Crumble Day By Day! Pray! – And We Know

My word, HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING?! Please always vote when given the chance, but do you understand that a red wave is irrelevant and useless if the same people, using the same mechanisms (but perhaps more carefully and cleverly) once again steal the mid-term elections?

They won’t mess too much with the primaries because it’s too obvious; but no GOP candidate will win in November unless they’re a deep state rino. What is wrong with people’s thinking?!?! What’s more magic about this election then the 2020 election where Trump won between 80 and 100 million votes?


There is no magic in any red wave until the 2020 election is fixed on all levels, the traitors are brought to justice, and all the cheating mechanisms are eliminated. MY GOD, HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING?!

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