Voter Fraud Election Sting Containing QFS Blockchain Watermark Is More Than Meets The Eye! Trump’s Plan For The “Reset” Deployed To Expose Voter Fraud

The reason I am posting on this subject is because, as I see it, it is related to the Financial Reset and may be in conjunction to the Global Reset. I am hoping that it will be a true protection of individuals currency, in whatever form you prefer, that we will be protected from the Federal Reserve and the Global Bankers.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is designed to protect our hard earned dollars, individually, because they each contain this code, and protect us from monetary asset forfeiture by the International Cabal. The documents reenforce that fact that it is backed by gold and levels the playing field across the U.S. Dollar, Yen, and EU currency. Although there is a focus on AI, we must remember that these systems can be used for GOOD! This system appears to be set up to do just that!

Quantum Financial System (QFS) is building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS). It’s a network based on Sovereignty and Commerce.

The Trump Administration was committed to the Quantum financial System, and to unleashing its incredible potential for U.S. economic growth, technological advancement, and national security.

To coordinate a national research effort encompassing Federal agencies the academic community, and industry leaders already underway, The White House National Quantum Coordination Office has released A Strategic Vision for America’s Quantum Financial System Networks.  February 2020

Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides pristine clean integrity in the movement of funds from Central Banking sources to destination accounts.

The QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset backed funds and can replace the US- Centrally Controlled SWIFT System.

A key benefit of QFS is to protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system and ensure banks are monitored and protected with regard to the agreed upon contract of the transfer fund process.

QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system and makes all other transfer systems obsolete die to its advanced capabilities.

QFS is NOT crypto currency but instead it is asset-backed digital currency.

QFS reigns supreme in the photonic technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second.. It replaces obsolete IP dynamic routing with the true physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing while upholding 100% financial security and transparency of all currency holders.

Protocols will be instituted with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given . Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program will handle instant settlements in real time without delays!

The A.I. assigns a “digital” number to every fiat Dollar/Euro/Yen in every bank account all over the world. “Digital” numbers are monitored in real time. The physical GPS location between sender and receiver will be set up to provide unbreakable security when it was ledger-ed with regard to who sent it, and what account received it.

Sovereign Currency of the United States is USN

Digital Currency

Conversion in the future from a Fiat crypto currency into gold backed basel III IV and V compliant coin.

The coins themselves and the virtual coins will have barcodes (ownership) and GPS tracking devices (location)

ACC (Asset Chain Collection) is a “Distributed General Ledger” It’s a tool of the A.I. asset digitization for global applications.  It is referred to as “The A.I.Exchange”

Between mainstream tokens in the market with asset standard tokens the Asset Collection Chain jointly forms and documents the digital asset interchange object – SDR digital currency.  Each global “node” establishes a “regional: General Ledger Token (GLT) for regional circulation and this the digital currency SDR (Special Drawing Rights) will be the main exchange coin along with tokens of each international node’s general ledger token on the international exchange.

In this “monetary ecosystem” each node’s token can use GLT (General Ledger Token) to realize regional circulation and each GLT can use ACC to realize international circulation.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The DLT is the database that is “decentralized” across several computers or nodes.  Every node will maintain the ledger and if data changes happen the ledger is updated in exact worth.  “Updates” are independent of each “node”.  All nodes have equal status authority. There is no central authority or server managing the data base.  Each node can update the ledger and other nodes verify its existence.


A.I. Nodes verify the transaction with the “consensus algorithm”  Sometimes all nodes can participate and sometimes only selected nodes.  Once all nodes get a “go” all nodes receive updated status.

Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS)

The CIPS Virtual Currency will look, on the surface, much like Bitcoin, but it will be secured by real assets and it will replace all current currencies, worldwide.

Transactions will run on the QFS VPN and can be used for the purchase of all goods and services, utilizing the resources of the CIPS.

100 billion coins will be minted in gold and 100 billion coins will be minted in silver. Once minted, there will never be more, or fewer coins in existence.  Each CIPS coin will have a virtual counterpart.

The QFS AI will keep track of fluctuation and will manage all bounding conditions (as well as keep track of all locations)


“Blockchain” is just a type of distributed ledger. The DLT is the parent of Blockchain.  In Blockchain every node gets its very own copy of the ledger.  All instant transactions are encrypted before being added to the ledger.

Blockchain does NOT require a central authority; it is decentralized completely as DLT.  Blockchain organizes data in terms of “blocks” that are “linked” and “encrypted” for full GPS security.  All data (transactions) exist in history and cannot be altered or deleted thus creating pristine clean integrity of all transaction.

Blockchain: Structure is blocks of data – Specific “sequence” of blocks

Distributed Ledger Technology:  Database spread across different nodes – no specific sequence

Sequence is the distinguishing difference in BLOCKCHAIN

Blockchain is merely a “subset of distributed ledgers.  Blockchain takes DLT to the next level to (instantiation of digital values and interoperability).

Distributed Ledger Technology is the parent to Blockchain Technology. DLT is the means to “eliminate” the bank oversight. DLT solves in that the issues in the financial realm – Blockchain is part of the crypto currency world.

How To Manage “New Funds” (Asset Backed) in the QFS?

How do I use funds? All Bank screens are now dark!

In the new system, “you” will receive an E-notification from the A.I. that your expected asset backed funds are prepared to “Ledger” to the specific account you have annotated previously.  You will follow the “prompts” asking for your “old” access code (password)

Patent   The P versus NP Problem Space

Building an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) confronts a serious problem called the “P” versus ‘NP’ question  According to the Wiki, this is a major unsolved problem in computer science and is one of the seven Millennium Prize problems, solutions to which will net somebody a cool billion dollars.

QFS Patent solves all seven Millennium Prize problems.  At question is whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer.  Some problems can be solved quickly  (this is P).  Other problems, which cannot be solved quickly but which, if shown the answer, can be verified quickly )this is NP).  P is shorthand for solved in (polynomial) time (polynomial..P)   NP is shorthand for verified in (polynomial) time (nondeterministic polynomial time…NP).

The planned 56 Data Center units in the USA and territories and the planned 192 Data Center units planned abroad will increase the overall power, speed and efficiency of our QFS in a parallel processing environment.  The ultimate QFS Cloud System

Once entered, you will be prompted by the A.I. to create a “New Security ID” Once that occurs your “old bank account” will be debited of “Fiat” funds and then credited with asset backed funds (one to one).

You will be prompted to the next window, at which point your existing funds show as asset backed as well as the “ledger” balance of asset backed funds you anticipated.

There is no “co-mingling”

The system is totally secure, and your accounts are totally under your control.  As a process of return to sovereignty, “you” must initiate the ledger – a “photonic” transaction occurs from “sender” account to “recipient” account through physical GPS authentication.  No other person can access the accounts

Banks are now obsolete!!!!!

Real Time Data – CIPS provides a real time data feed for all applications attached to it.  This means your clients will receive live data directly to the desktops, web and mobile client all at once.

You have the sovereignty of your funds, since all are photonic and digital.  All funds are “GPS trackable” forever.  Banks are no longer in control – there are no more Deposits, they are now “Posits” as deposit means separation from the person and their funds.


In this new financial world, the “person” has NO footprint in the QFS. This is groundbreaking historical security in the truest sense!!

Appendix: Quantum Financial System

QFS ends corruption that could currently exist with regard to Central Banking.  The QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset backed funds.  It Replaces the US – Centrally Controlled SWIFT system with a Global – Decentralized Controlled CIPS (Cross Border Interbank Payment System).  QFS runs on a new Photonic Computer / based on “24 GPS orbiting” satellites, (protected by the new “Space Force”)

Purpose of QFS is to put an end to corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system.  “Banks” no longer will need to generate significant profits from transactions of funds transfers.

QFS completely independent from existing “centralized” system; makes all other transfer systems obsolete.

QFS is NOT crypto currency.  After REVAL (reevaluation) all sovereign currencies will be asset backed ensuring stable value which makes the need for unbacked cryptos outdated (the process simply digests the information on computer memory banks)

QFS activation ends the “Central Banking System” that perpetuates what some refer to as “Debt Slavery”

QFS reigns supreme in the technology it applies and creates / 100% financial security and transparency for all currency holders to individual currency holders

QFS assigns a digital number to every fiat dollar / euro/yen in every bank account all over the world. Digital numbers are monitored and updated in real time: showing where it went (GPS authentication) when it was ledger-ed who sent it and what account received it

QFS is alive with Artificial Intelligence that interacts with every financial transaction anywhere in the world of finance to ensure that it is legal, power intended, and transparent.

ONLY gold or asset backed currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate will be transferred through the QFS.  All gold/asset backed currency reference back to the piece of gold or asset backing it !!

Asset backed currency is based on assets within the country of origin.  Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in each country

NO FIAT CURRENCY IS LEGAL IN QFS as it cannot be designated as “clean, clear, non-terroristic, or originating from legal activities”

FIAT currencies in “possession” at time of implementation of QFS and deemed “legal” will be exchanged for gold backed currency on a one to one basis.  “Reconciliation” process

Without the ability to reconcile old FIAT money into the new QFS, ALL CENTRAL BANKS ACTIVITIES WILL CEASE.

Any country not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS thus eventually being left out of “International Trade”

Global Currency Reset (GCR) will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available “in a country” that is gold – backed in QFS.  The formula will establish a fair value in each country’s assets as compared to another. “Price of Gold” becomes irrelevant once this is complete.  Included in the formula are in-ground assets, economy of the country, its population (as an asset) and several other parameters.  This formula is applied to each country so they can be on par   with one another.

A Global Wealth distribution (GWD) based on Commerce and sovereignty, Each QFS account throughout the world will be solely owned by the account holders, not owned by banks or governments.

The Artificial Intelligence will be applied across the QFS (one instantiation in each data center) but the nodes will coordinate through parallel processing.  The AI will work with the CIPS VPN in background by providing semantic analysis and natural language processing to understand what’s being said about banking products across the entire user base.  It will facilitate adaptation and will evolve over time by recognizing new behavior and recommending appropriate bank-side responses.

“And He will judge between the nations. He will mediate (disputes) for many peoples; And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up the sword against nation, and never again will they learn war.”  Isaiah 2:4

Voter Fraud Election Sting Containing QFS Blockchain Watermark Is More Than Meets The Eye!

Voter Fraud Election Sting Containing QFS Blockchain Watermark Is More Than Meets The Eye!

There is a lot of discussion about the attempted voter fraud across America in ballot counting since November 3, 2020. It was first floated on twitter that a “sting” operation was underway to expose such fraud. No one on the platform I am “allowed” to be on, which is gab, had produced any concrete information, as I asked for those making the claims to provide links to their evidence.

After about 12 hours no one had produced any proof, so I set to sleuthing and this is what I came up with. I first posted to the gab thread and then pinned the information I found to my profile. I’ll paste it hot and dirty like the original I shared with others who were backing up my request for evidence. I will leave a link so you can see the original.

I posted:  “In an effort to find out The Truth about the Military verifying Election Ballots and exposing the FRAUD, I have tried to track down the “Watermark/Hologram” theory.  Here is what I found:

OK Everyone!  It appears this “Watermark” claim originated from someone on twitter named David Burney.

It is gaining traction by others repeating it on twitter.  I found this as an additional source on the DHS Watermark.

Tracing this back, it appears the DHS is referenced in securing elections in this 2018 article, but does not dictate what the security measures should be.

A comment on this message board led me to this organization.  This information, and that from the DHS Statement encourage STATES to implement Security Measures, which MAY include special papers, watermarks and bar/QRL Codes etc. 

The States are in charge of implementing their own measures.  It does appear that the Trump Administration HAS been working on encouraging Security Measures FOR the 2020 Election.  In scanning over the above document I was only able to find vague reference to the Security Measures tweeted about.  It may include the Military/National Guard Troops that were deployed to 12 States.”

I posted this photo indicating the only Federal Agency who Implicated Security Measures was the USPS.

The Watermark – QFS Blockchain Encryption Code

The mainstream media (MSM) will become unrecognizable. If you ever watched Newsmax, you’d see non-ordinary and mainly beneficial commercials vs corporate brainwashing and Big Pharma commercials on the MSM networks.

In time, the MSM will all be taken over and will televise GITMO trials.

Expect popcorn shortages.

Trust the Plan!   

The Quantum Healing Technologies of Med Beds

President Donald Trump said on June 14, 2020 to the nation,

“within a year’s time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.”

Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments. Like Age regression, up to 30 years.

No more Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer, Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) a condition that causes joint pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress, and many other deficiencies.

The world is about to take a giant quantum leap into the revolutionary ‘New Age’ of healing technology systems that will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and remedy the masses with plasmatic use energies and healing frequencies.

Can you dare to imagine at some point in the future of the world, hospitals will play a very different role, they will be fortified with many unique quantum technology devices; lasers and Med Beds; Big Pharma will be eradicated; this futuristic technology will promote longevity and humanity will be free of the masses suffering from strokes, heart disease and many other diseases that contribute to the evils of ill health.

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