Trump Trials Are Exposing The Deep State! B2 Bomber No Longer Stealth! Panic In DC! – Must Video

The [DS] want immunity removed from Trump, they know this will open the criminal syndicate to prosecutions, they are willing to risk this. But will they move forward with it? The trials are exposing the [DS] on how they colluded with the Biden admin/DOJ to get Trump, it is all falling apart. This is why they have a new indictment from AZ, this will backfire it opens AZ up for discovery and since Finchem and Lake have the evidence this will go down in flames. Bill Barr endorses Trump, B2 bomber no longer stealth. 


The sweet smell of Panic is like freshly blooming lilacs in a soft spring rain. The only ones panicking are those that feel that nothing is going their way. Those that can see the positive, are seeing the bright light through the dark and gloom. NCSWIC!!!! God’s glorious light is shining through.


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