Time Mag Cover, Dates Connecting Iran, Attacks On MAGA World, Plus 17th Letter Patriots! Battle Unfolding! Pray! – And We Know 

Whatever the FBI went and got from Trump’s place, he wanted them to have! Trump is no fool and 25 steps ahead, I just don’t get why it takes so fricking long so many people dying, and America is dying he was in office 4 years they have the evidence I just dont get it, play your games at the lives of the American people Pal

When many of the shows are saying the same thing and coming with the same analysis that tells me that we’re on the same page and that’s a comforting feeling I just got done watching the X 22 report and I’m watching this and a lot of the information is either similar or exactly the same which again is nice because it means we’re all reading the same thing the same way!


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