Steve Quayle Issues Urgent Warning: Invading Migrant Forces Will Decimate Blue Cities! – Mike Adams Video

 Electronic warfare capabilities and their implications for global security. (0:00)
– US-Iran relations and nuclear weapons. (5:55)
– Geopolitics, military capabilities, and potential war scenarios. (14:45)
– US politics, immigration, and secession. (23:13)
– Immigration and crime in blue states. (32:15)
– Political chaos, conspiracy theories, and religious beliefs. (36:50)
– Christianity, morality, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (41:43)
– Gene editing, weather weapons, and end times. (49:19)
– Geoengineering, Texas secession, and trade agreements. (53:55)
– Emergency preparedness and survival gear. (1:00:33)
– Food shortages and preparedness. (1:08:52)
– AI, spirituality, and the potential for evil entities to influence language models. (1:13:15)

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