Situation Update, Sep 1, 2022 – The Engineered Takedown of Food, Water & Energy Infrastructure Will Plunge Entire Nations into the Dark Ages! – Mike Adams Video

You didn’t even have to read the Bible to intellectually KNOW it wasn’t a good plan to take an unproven, never before used in humans, no long term or short term study of potential side effects, EXPERIMENTAL injection. Just wow!

The vax lovers are lie lovers which is why they got vaxed to begin with. They discern that the people who disagree with them are largely Christians. Demonic influence is a big factor as well.

So the Lion has more compassion then most American parents and officials in charge of child safety? Everyone is just standing around watching grown men do drag time story time, raping the minds of innocence children, destroying childhood. Once the mind of a child is raped,(MK Ultra) they put them on meds and when they grow up, they come back to school to finish their homework, as SHOOTERS!

Haha. I’m a vaccinated God-LOVING demon. Trying to de-demonize. I’m very very angry at big pharma, esp. pfezir, medorna, and geliad. I think the mRNA fries the empathy areas of the brain and creates a serpent-like reptilian state. I refuse to give into the globalist alien agenda.

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