Situation Update, Nov 22, 2022 – WHO Pandemic Treaty In FINAL Stages, Would Unleash GLOBAL Medical DICTATORSHIP! – Mike Adams Must Video

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

– WHO pandemic treaty would supersede all US law and the Constitution
– Would put European bureaucrats in charge of ALL U.S. public health decisions
– US citizens could be ordered to take vaccines, be locked down, or quarantined
– Treaty pushes Big Pharma drugs and vaccines but says NOTHING about nutrition or herbs
– Governments of the world are running the bioterrorism against their own citizens
– Dr. Francis Boyle warns of DoD-run bioweapons labs creating more pathogens
– Global depopulation is the goal
– “Vaccines” are also depopulation bioweapons, designed to maim and kill
– Dr. Boyle warns of “Nuremberg-level crimes against civilians”
– Gross violations of basic human rights


At the G20 summit they already agreed to give the CDC complete power to choose what vaccinations you are required to have. If you do not you will not be allowed to travel. They have already signed over everyone’s freedom. Complete slaves as everyone worries about a crypto market that the government already controls crash. Just another way of your government stealing your money without you even realizing it. All a scam. People refuse to wake up. The sheep are already starting to put mask on again. We are doomed!

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