Situation Update, Jan 23, 2024 – Treasonous SCOTUS Orders Full-Scale Migrant INVASION Of America In Final Act Of National Suicide! – Mike Adams

– US Supreme Court allowing Texas border invasion. (0:13)
– Texas-Mexico border security and immigration policies. (5:01)
– Immigration, government overreach, and secession. (10:04)
– Food scarcity and government control in Western Europe. (13:37)
– Depopulation and world war. (22:26)
– Potential false flag event to escalate war with Russia. (26:00)
– Financial subterfuge and property rights. (45:06)
– Bankruptcy laws and financial institutions’ rights. (55:48)
– Totalitarianism, central planning, and financialization. (1:08:50)
– Money creation, financial bubbles, and economic collapse. (1:14:40)
– Central banking power and its impact on economies. (1:21:52)
– Elon Musk and Ben Shapiro’s support for Israel, and the importance of self-custody of assets. (1:35:31)

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