Situation Update: Aug 10, 2023 – Did Joe Biden Just Declare a Secret Climate Emergency & Invoke Military Rule? – Mike Adams

– “Electric vehicle” is a misleading name – they are “battery-operated cars” and trucks
– Very few Americans actually want to buy EVs, so the government has to subsidize them
– Cobalt minerals for EV batteries come from the DRC, where “slave labor” children work in dirty, dangerous mines
– Joe Biden tells reporter he already declared a #climate emergency – did he spill the secret?
– Biden also says he invoked the military to help with climate policy enforcement
– Biden says $368 BILLION was just approved for a “climate control facility”
– NO ONE in the media has reported on this “climate control facility.”
– Is he referring to a secret climate #relocation program? Lockdown facilities? New FEMA camps?
– Mom claims her son is a CAT and takes him to the vet, then says it’s “discrimination” that the vet won’t treat her (human) son
– VAERS data shows that 676,000 Americans have already been killed after taking #covid #vaccines
– More Americans have been killed by covid vaccines than Ukrainians and Russians killed in the war
– Republicans release bank records showing the #Biden crime family received $20 million in bribes.

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