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Situation Update, 8/18/22 – Vaccine Clot Lab Tests Reveal Shocking Accumulation Of Conductive Metals! – Mike Adams Must Video 

At my place of employment thousands of employees all double or triple jabbed, also in my wife’s side family members are immune compromised and 100 year old grandma all double jabbed. Hey guess what? Everyone is fekn fine . Even my good buddy from work is a raging alcoholic and guess what ? Yup he’s fine too. This shot is a psyop.

When we win this war and we will, I’d like to know how we undo this massive immigration crisis in Europe Australia and Canada. I’m sick to my stomach. I’ve loved traveling most of my life to other countries and cultures but my culture is disappearing right before my eyes. I’m being erased. I have read something with regard to this , I hope they have a plan. I know we aren’t supposed to talk about it because its Racist 🤣 but we have a big problem that needs fixing. Fingers crossed. 


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