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Situation Update, 7/13/22 – Prepare for NUCLEAR DETONATIONS In multiple U.S. CITIES! – Mike Adams Must Video

Well personally I don’t think Putin is going to fire the first nuke! He’s not a dumbass! The dumbass is squatting in the White House & I don’t see him launching the first nuke at Russia! What I see is a bunch of panicked Global cratts squatting in Washington DC. Who are in a total panic over the fact they stolen election and the entire thing keeps blowing up in their face. I see these idiots nuking us then using that as a pretext blaming it on Russia and firing a retaliatory strike. By the time the dust settles nobody will figure out who fired the first shot and both sides will be able to blame each other. But by then nobody will really give a sh*t who fired the first round!
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