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Situation Update, 11/11/22 – Arizona Election Morons INCAPABLE Of Counting Simple Integers! – Mike Adams Must Video

Pretty much they’re going to come after everybody who’s Christian a believer In Jesus Christ! and do you know who was God’s vessel to deliver the gospel to the four corners of the Earth just think about it it was Americans white evangelicals that brought the gospel to the most remote parts of the world! and for that many nations are grateful! America has lost its way in the recent years but there’s still a whole lot of good folks out there that are clinging to the cross may the Lord Almighty protect us all!


I’ll tell you what brother the day that they attempt to exterminate whites in this country they’re going to have to exterminate a whole lot of us Latinos too for the most part Caribbean Latinos are conservative because these assholes have done to our countries and Islands what they’re doing in this country now just take Brazil for example and in case most people don’t know Spaniards hell from Europe and there isn’t a single Caribbean Latino or even some of the South of the border ones that does not have European blood in them I’m just saying they could try there’s a whole lot of us are going to have to eliminate…

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