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SHTF! State of Emergency JUST Declared In West Virginia! National Guard Deployed, Military Prisons Being Established…? – Patrick Humphrey Preparedness

A state of emergency has been declared in West Virginia and the National Guard has been deployed to man prisons. The national guard will act as guard for the military prisons. A National guard troop has come out and spilled the beans on what’s coming next during SHTF & WROL. He has documented why you should always prepare now because of the things he saw. Don’t wait to prepare for SHTF in 2022. Food shortages in 2022 could break out and cause massive food riots and food shortages at Walmart and Costco in 2022. “Stand firm, and you will win life.” Luke 21:19

This means armed Americans are going to have to be willing to guard their communities for free, otherwise, everybody loses if all hell breaks loose. Take up arms and guard your communities and barter off that protection for things you need.


Who do you think they will release from the prison sytems first? The psychopaths and gangbangers, or the innocent people who are unconstitutionally imprisoned? Considering that the very nature of government is to breed chaos, I know my guess.

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