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Ready Yourself for the 2024 Storms

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

The end of the Marxist-infiltrated Progressive Era isn’t happening with a whimper, but with bangs. In 2024, it’ll happen with convulsions, likely violent. What follows is up for grabs.

The foreshadowing occurred again in Nashville last week. Will the leftist-stoked and Democrat/establishment sanctioned 2020 riots prove merely a preview to a calamitous and pivotal 2024 presidential election year?

Six innocents — three nine-year-olds, two teachers, and the school’s principal — were gunned down in cold blood by a self-identified transgender, Audrey Hale. The act was demonic, though studiously papered over by the establishment media. How does anyone with an ounce of uncorrupted soul look a nine-year-old in the face and pull a trigger? Yet, Hale did just that.

Hale did that because she was raging — raging because a fraction in the trans community are being encouraged to rage by Antifa and other left-wing outfits. Buy guns, trans are told, because “others” are out to get you. (We await the release of Hale’s manifesto for confirmation of motives. Will law enforcement redact the document?)

How explicit could the “Trans Day of Vengeance” have been? It was abruptly cancelled before last Saturday. Though scrubbed, the intent wasn’t. The original wasn’t billed a “Day of Self-Defense” Not a “Day of Peace and Reconciliation.” But cold vengeance, defined as “punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense : RETRIBUTION.” Words matter.

Tucker Carlson was quite right in his monologue last week: Christianity and transgenderism are wildly incompatible. Forget gobbledygook Christianity practiced by congregation-bleeding churches. Christianity and transgenderism never will reconcile. True science dictates, too, bolstering Christian teaching.

Humans aren’t gods with dominion to “transform” themselves from man to woman or woman to man. Any more than humans can cause the sun to rise in the west and set in the east, any more than man can destroy the earth’s climate. Any more than humans can create intelligent machines that rule the world. All are vanities, conceits, delusions, fantasies. All are Towers of Babel.

But rage there is, because Christians and other faiths refuse to jettison hard facts, experience, and belief grounded in both. Providence rules all. DNA is determinant; nature will not long be defied. Simply put, the Left/establishment alliance clings stubbornly to illusions. A fair share of cynicism-for-advantage drives the establishment, too. The question is, how many of the true believers will lend themselves to violence for errant causes?

Conceits rule and are ruining America. Marxism, wokism, Left reverse racism, and conceits of a more usual stripe: those driven by lusts for power and control. Greed is ancient. If you ever wonder why the establishment and Left are allied, it’s more than the Left’s infiltration of institutions.

Both are allied because they share an insatiable appetite for power. Both will eventually turn on the other, so overwhelming is their hunger for absolute power — but only if this phase of their war on America succeeds, which is far from certain. Yet today, these allies are putting a wrecking ball to the country, thanks to fatal misbeliefs — thanks to the Marxist imperative for destruction — which guide their governance, policies, and cultural standards. Destruction, a form of power, precedes ruling power.

This madness isn’t shared by most Americans. We’ve been passengers, lagging in vigilance… now, though, we’re alert to looming disaster.

The worldview of leftists and establishmentarians are merely their images — bound up with their beliefs — reflected in cracked mirrors. Their insularity reinforces their falsity. These falsities guide their actions, unencumbered by externalities.

In other words, the hard, real world opposes the Left/establishment’s absurd perceptions. Yet, this alliance fumes that a majority refuses to conform to absurdities, destructive ones, and their own enslavement.

That most Americans are better grounded and reject the Left/establishment’s orthodoxy causes the alliance to double down. Its leaders claw for more and more control. And what they can’t control — whoever won’t submit are targeted for annihilation. Cancel culture is just Phase One.

Ask Donald Trump. Ask parents who exercised their 1st Amendment rights speaking out against COVID restrictions and woke and sexually perverted school curriculums at schoolboard meetings across the country.


What was Biden’s and Garland’s intent in siccing the FBI on parents? What was the thuggish takedown of Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck by the FBI? Houck was quickly exonerated. It was about destroying conspicuous objectors, yes, but more. It was about terrorizing the resistant, sensible majority. “Don’t cross the alliance or you’ll face ruin,” goes the messaging. That’s stuff worthy of the defunct East German Stasi. Targeted terrorism.

What the alliance is doing is laying traps for itself, though. Its conceits are being bashed against rocks. Cities, governed by their ideas and polices, are sumps of homelessness and upwardly spiraling crime. Institutional corruption is endemic. Spending and money-printing orgies are pushing the economy towards the brink.

Popular culture is a cesspool. Too many schools are smut shops, where the most innocent among us are indoctrinated with lurid, graphic pornography or treated to drag show story hours. Conventional energy production is being strangled in the name of a colossal fantasy: the earth is finished unless “green” energy is imposed.

Wokism is driving enlistments down in the armed services. Wars are courted with Russia over obscure Ukraine. Sabers are rattled toward the PRC in Asia Pacific, while our military is poorly prepared for any major war. The Mexican-American border — in the name of globalism — is a wide-open, suppurating wound, which pours thugs, cartels, and deadly drugs into the heartland.

Marxian destruction will wind up destroying the destroyers. Rule over the ruins is pyrrhic.

Wokism is a bizarre, flesh-eating monster. Marxism, whatever its variant, is a demonstrated bloody failure. Both are the products of insularity leading to intellectual hubris. They’re brainchildren of academics, intellectuals, and activists living and talking among themselves, reinforcing absurdities, hatred, perversions. These are collections of knockoff Lenins and Troskys. In many instances, this cohort is convinced that sheer force of will overcomes realities; theirs, they’re persuaded, is will to total dominion.

2024? What follows is speculative, but unrealistic?

A Trump presidential nomination — or a DeSantis nomination, but increasingly likely Trump — is already throwing the Left/establishment alliance into fits of fear and panic. Trump has made cleaning out the Swamp a centerpiece of his campaign. Alvin Bragg’s ridiculous indictment of Trump betrays the alliance’s fear.

Will an isolated incident — say, police abuse — be exploited by the alliance to spark riots, which may not be limited to urban precincts? Could false-flag events replace actual incidents? George Floyd is gone, after all. Might alliance provocateurs/MAGA imposters launch attacks to blame liberty’s leaders and activists? A Reichstag fire?

Despite the many challenges and perils, the Army of the Sensible — majoritarian America — can only be conquered if it fails to coalesce and assert its will. The majority isn’t insensible to the institutional control and power that the alliance possesses. But the time is now, not later, to act. Later is when or after havoc and destruction are wider spread. Greater tragedies are avoidable.

It’s time to take back the nation. Not through violence, but asserting our collective will, coordinating actions — through noncompliance with the demands and edicts of the alliance, for starters. “We will not yield!” must be the rallying cry of goodwilled, freedom-loving citizens.

A continent-wide nation of 335 million souls — most of whom are sympathetic with the cause of liberty — cannot be selectively targeted and terrorized into submission without consent. Perverse as that would be.

Victory will be gained by the intrepid and determined, not by the timid and hesitant. Trump or DeSantis can’t be a one-man army. The window of opportunity is opening now but not indefinitely. The time has come to drive the dark, liberty-stealing forces back into their holes. It’s time to begin the March of Freedom that leads to an American renaissance.

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