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The eyes tell the truth. That bitch is lying her big fat ass off. Just sayin.
More of the story:
Arlington PD says Marquis had been training to be one of their officers since July 25 and never reported issues until Friday. “I can tell you our department is hurting,” said Arlington Police Sgt. Courtney White. “Our recruits and our training center is hurting.”

Marquis was taking part in a real-life training scenario on how to defend against someone attacking them. (His mandatory vax is what attacked him) The department says an instructor was playing the role of attacker.

“During the training, Recruit Kennedy indicated that he was not feeling well, and he was told to sit with a member of training staff,” White said. “While doing so, he was being monitored. A short time later, he collapsed. Training staff immediately began CPR and continued to do so until EMS arrived and transported him to a local hospital.” (As the mandatory vax kills off more recruits, we will have room for more ignorant fools who want their health ruined in order to be a criminal with a badge and gun, step right up!)

Arlington PD says Marquis was pronounced dead Sunday morning. A cause of death wasn’t immediately known. (oh yes it is) The department says all recruits have to pass a medical examination as well as a physical fitness test comprised of rowing to be accepted into the program.
(not to mention get jabbed)


Brittney’s widow believes he was in good shape. “They do see a medical doctor outside of Arlington PD that tests their medical ability,” she said. (was that the doctor that jabbed him?)
Brittney is devastated that Marquis, who leaves behind a 1-year-old son, died while training for his dream job. “He was driven by being and getting through this academy,” she said. (driven to the morgue)

The department says this was not the first physically demanding test Marquis went through since he became a recruit officer in July. Training typically goes for six to eight months. (stay tuned for more to drop like this dude did)

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