Patel Patriot: Devolution Power Hour On China, Xi, Nationalism vs. Globalism! – Must Video 

Burning Bright & Chris Paul join me on the DPH as we discuss what is going on in China, Civilian-Military alliances, and more..

He was such a good president (is actually) so important to our country. it amazes me how so many people dont realize how important this man is!

Ukraine is NOT even a country… they never registered their border when the communist regime collapsed in 1989. This is why no country nor NATO has ever dared to physically enter the so-called “country of Ukraine”, they are still a part of Russia. Go do a search on Ukraine Border Registration.


I love the analysis on China, different factions, like our nations also, globalists verses sovereignists. Refreshing, real talk about the situation. I wasn’t expecting this, given the kind of thing (one way talk) you hear from some “analysist” these days.

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