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Nostradamus Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death In 2022, And Predicted “Great Uprising” Against King Charles Who Will Replaced With Someone Who Didn’t Expect To Be King!!

“According to Nostradamus, King Charles will be forced out by the British public after they decide he is “unworthy”, leading to an unexpected man being named as the new king. “A man, who, later, they considered unworthy. “The people will force out the King of the Islands. “A man will replace him who never expected to be king.””


IITM:  I haven’t done a deep dive on this, but the book does exist and was published in 2015… how Nostradamus came up with the names Charles and Elizabeth, or how the predictions were interpreted so specifically… I can’t confirm that… but this is all interesting nonetheless, considering there is someone named, Joseph Gregory Hallett who claims he is the blood heir to the throne, and that the Windsors are Germans and imposters.  

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