New David Wilcock: Stunning New Intel! Lucifer’s Antarctica Palace – Black Pyramids on Earth – New “Area 51” intel on ETs and UFOs

Aerospace insider Chris Beskar released stunning new “Area 51″ intel on ETs and UFOs in front of a live audience in Colorado last weekend. David ran the interview, which was rich with slides.

Now, David will summarize this stunning new intel for you, so you don’t miss out — as well as sharing details from his own talk on Sunday that take the Strangeness Factor even further. You will learn about Black Pyramids hidden on Earth, Lucifer’s Palace in Antarctica, the former canals of Mars, David’s amazing Covid prophecies from 1992, as well as the latest Alliance updates about our ongoing struggle for planetary freedom.


This will be the most significant new disclosure of inside intel in years — and is guaranteed to blow your mind. Don’t miss it!!!

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