New David Wilcock: April 8th Eclipse Predictions — Epic Events Incoming!

New David Wilcock: April 8th Eclipse Predictions — Epic Events Incoming!

Epic predictions have now been made for the next two weeks, culminating in the April 8th solar eclipse. Don’t miss this opportunity to join David, in between massive snowfalls, as he lays out all the evidence for you! Crop formations already highlighted the October 14th eclipse last year, and as we saw, major events did take place around this time. Now we have another, major eclipse coming on the 8th. Weird warnings and interesting signals are flying around. It’s a very intriguing time to say the least. Astrology is little understood or appreciated in our modern world — but “Something is Definitely Going On.” Or, to put it a different way — don’t worry about November.

It will be a completely new and unforeseeable situation by then. We cannot use current events to predict the future beyond a limited degree. This is a direct sequel to the previous show, and therefore we recommend you watch “A Positive Change is Coming Soon” to appreciate the full context. Our Galactic Logos is programmed to create Hero’s Journey storylines. They are written into the cycles of history themselves. David will also discuss this in the show. You are the Hero.


The pattern of human spiritual breakthrough is specifically designed to bring you to that point where you have no choice but to take on the Quest — and selflessly renounce fear in favor of Knowing. We are now clearly at a Global Dark Night of the Soul. This also immediately leads into the breakthrough stage that results in the hero achieving the goals of his or her Quest. Once you see the “Big Picture” and hear what Michael has in store for us, you will never look at reality the same way again!


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