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New Clif High & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: World Event Prediction, Enemies of Humanity, Anunnaki Technologies, Consciousness, A View at Life

In his work he has designed software that scans the Internet for patterns of information. For example, he has used it to find out what the Government has been doing in the Antarctic.

He has researched the possibility of Anunnaki technologies being discovered by the Nazis in that area, and noted subsequent high-level visits made by high level politicians to the area in recent times.

Using his software, he claims to be able to predict when major events will take place, such as 9/11 and a possible alien invasion after a crash in the money markets.

Clif enjoys meditating as well as practicing the martial art of Aikido.

In this episode at ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks to Clif High, an internet nomad, writer of software able to predict world events, about his personal view of life, the current terrible global problems and how the invisible world works and influences us.

After actually briefly dying twice, he is convinced that the visible, material world and the invisible world are firmly interconnected, with everything being related and interdependent. He reports on his experiences in different other worldly planes or ‘spaces’ with various entities found in different dimensions of our universe and which have malicious intent. This complete lack of empathy and emotion is reflected in their actions and work which causes a negative influence on us and our world.


According to Clif, several years ago the Earth was invaded and taken over by malignant entities that have connected with people possessing a similar energy vibration, which they can abuse and manipulate. He explains in detail the roots of the existence of the Khazarian Mafia. Clif describes how they were able to reach global positions of power worldwide, and what all this that happened in the past has to do with our present and challenging situation.

He explains the cycles of the yugas and at what point of change for the good we currently stand, as the dark age of Kali yuga is on the downswing to make way for the bright, golden yuga of truth. Until then, Clif believes that several more years of hard work await us, as we are in the transitional period needed to take down these psychopathic creatures.

He encourages all people who also feel these changes not to lose heart and continue to fight for the truth and a peaceful future full of joy for us and our children. It is only a matter of time before evil and its henchmen fall. An important tool for accomplishing these tasks is the knowledge of our true nature and our human virtues and strength, which they fear the most.

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