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Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Michelle Fielding, Derek Johnson & Lewis Herms Roundtable! – A Must Video

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Praying for military on the frontline and families waiting at home. Derek, you may never know how your transparency & wisdom provide hope and help heal the globe. Respect for each of you. Thank you for using your gifting to encourage and provide sparks of hope. ✨🙏🏼✨

Tell me, why are the chem trails still going on, day after day, if the “white hats” are in control !? This tells me it is not good what is coming as they describe, all will be track trace control folks and central bank system too. If I never see chem trails & microwave towers & Trump (Trump is for 5G & 6G and the death shot) again I’ll believe in what they have to say. Do not be fooled folks!


Years? This is making me sick. I am disabled, always had excellent credit and can no longer pay my mortgage, buy food or pay my bills. I know many that are in the same boat. All my credit cards are maxed out and every time the feds raise interest rats, the monthly minimum payments has gone up drastically. This is ridiculous and insane. I keep hearing that they have to wake up more people. I’m tired of hearing this crap ! I’m better off not listening to this any longer . This is not exciting to me. Tell me next month everything will be put into place and then that’s something to celebrate. Until then this is BS to me ! UGH ! Everybody has heard, everyone has heard, for years but nothing happens. I.m really beginning to wonder about all of this ! And worst of all the children continue to be murdered and abused. God bless us all!

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