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Message from Galactic Federation envoy Elena Danan

You are creating the geometry of this world with the power of your consciousness. Realize that you are making a powerful impact. Focusing your attention on something is a creative practice. Thoughts are wavelengths that influence the structure of a reality. Therefore, be conscious of what you are thinking, have good thoughts, constructive thoughts, have hope for the future, and stay positive. Let’s set aside fear.

The Galactic Alliance supports Earth’s earthlings on their path to a certain future. This is just support. Instead of us doing it for you, you will have to do it yourself. Everything starts with the understanding that you are a powerful conscious being. Everything you intend will become your reality.

Creation is built on the wavelength of consciousness.

The Galactic Alliance will not eliminate the DS.

Rise up without ignoring the diffusion of power and develop the ability to make decisions that are not influenced by false information spread by the DS. Do not trust the information from the new age social media to convince you that someone is going to excite you or put you on a boat somewhere. If you believe in this information, you will lose your power.


If you just wait for someone to do something, you become passive. Stop waiting for something to happen. Nothing will be given to you out of nowhere. Trust in the power of your own consciousness and use that power to imagine your future.

Now is the time to act. It’s time to make it happen. There is only execution. The Galactic Alliance, the Intergalactic Confederation, and the Annunaki Empire are all rooting for you. They know that you have the power to imagine a great future. I wish you the best..

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