Mel Gibson: ‘Prince William Is the Antichrist’ (Video)

(Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble)

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has told staff and associates that Prince William is the antichrist and he will be the future king of a one world government ushered in by the New World Order.

According to Gibson, the Illuminati elite have gone into overdrive promoting their evil agenda on the world stage, preparing humanity for the next stage of their Luciferian master plan.


Case for the prosecution: Ice Spice, who accompanied Taylor Swift to the Super Bowl, throwing up Satanic hand symbols while wearing Balenciaga and an upside down cross. The fact this scene almost looks normal says everything you need to know about the times we are living in.

The Satanic messaging has never been so blatant and ubiquitous and Gibson has a warning for those who think this is just a game: things are about to get very crazy, very quick.

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