Kash Patel: More Durham Indictments! BOMBSHELL New Clinton Investigation! Bill & Hillary Face Murder Charges! Plus, Q’s Epic Prediction of Twitter’s Collapse!

Kash Patel: More Durham Indictments! BOMBSHELL New Clinton Investigation! Will Bill & Hillary Face Murder Charges? PLUS, Q’s Epic Prediction of Twitter’s Collapse!

Breaking NOW! Kash Patel Says Two More John Durham Indictments Are Coming! James Comey & Andrew McCabe Are Next! BOMBSHELL New Clinton “Arkancide” Investigation! Will Hillary & Bill Face Murder Charges? The Clinton Body Count Just Hit SIXTY! PLUS, Q Perfectly Predicted Twitter’s Collapse in a 2018 Drop: They Will Collapse Under The Weight of Their Illegal Activities! Elon Musk and Texas AG Ken Paxton Just Opened a Criminal Investigation of Twitter!

A D5 Avalanche [Think DECLAS] is Coming! It’s Checkmate on The Deep State Cabal And Nothing Can Stop It! Nothing! 

The John Durham Investigation is Heating Up! Hillary Clinton, Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Our Corrupt 3-Letter Agencies (CIA/FBI/DOJ) Are Being Implicated! No One Gets A Free Pass! Patriots Are in Full Control! Trump’s RICO Lawsuit Continues to Advance! China’s on The Brink of Invading Taiwan! 

When Do You Play The Trump Card? At The End of The Game! Those Responsible For The [Coup Attempt] Against President Donald J. Trump, Will Not Go Unpunished! And Treason Is Only The Beginning! Corrupt Politicians And Their Fake News Propaganda Media Partners Will All Be EXPOSED For Their Crimes Against Humanity! Soon [They] Will Not Be Able To Walk Down The Street!

We’re in Biblical Times! A Flood is Coming! Prepare.

PLUS, We’ll Discuss The Multi-National Billion Dollar Counter-Intelligence Operation 10 Times More Explosive Than 2000 Mules! Question Everything You Thought You Knew About Elections!

The Cabal Has Partnered With Corrupt Politicians, The Propaganda Media, Big Tech, Big Corporations And The Hollywood And Entertainment Industries to Destroy Our Great Nation! We’re Truly In A Battle of Good vs. Evil. It’s The Battle of Our Lives to Save Our Country, Our Children and Our Future! Spoiler Alert: In The End, God Wins! The Best Truly is Yet To Come!

Elon Musk Named Himself The New CEO of Twitter, a Move That Could Save Free Speech On-line! TRUTH Social Just Launched on Android Phones & Desktop! The Ultra MAGA Storm Starts NOW! Are You Ready For BOOM Week?

It Had To Be This Way To Safeguard Future Elections And Save Our Children From The Real Pandemic: Child Sex Trafficking! Patriots can prove everything! But the longer we wait, the more The Deep State is Exposed! Every Scenario Was Planned For! The Whole World is Watching! A Biblical Flood is Coming! We Had To Walk Through The Darkness Before We Could See The Light!

Trump Will Not Return as The President of The Bankrupt U.S. Corporation, but rather The President of The New Republic of These United States! In this New American Republic We The People have all the power. There is NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX! And America returns to The Gold Standard!

Arrests & Military Tribunals Are Coming SOON! Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Fauci, The Obamas, Bidens & Clintons will all end up in GITMO for High Treason!

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