Judy Byington: It’s ON! BOOM WEEK AHEAD! Operation Storm 2024, Trump Arrives at the White House-Special Intel Report 2/4/24 (Video)

Turn off VPN, as it can block certain videos, like Rumble

As we know, Judy doesn’t do her reports on Sunday, I shared her REAL report early Saturday and this is a week in review: 

Here’s what we know so far:

Global Financial Crash
Banks Closing Worldwide
Bank Runs Have Begun
Global Currency Reset Has Begun to Gold/asset-backed World Currencies
Biden Confirmed Trump Is Current US President
Texas Among 27 States & The 30 More Sovereign Countries That Applied For Membership In BRICS Alliance Gold Backed Currencies
Since 1942 the US Inc. CIA, Vatican and Mafia have worked together to design coups to overthrow governments across Europe and Latin America, built a drug empire in the US and carried out terror attacks, plus channeled billions of US Taxpayer dollars to pay for these illegal operations against The People.
Now The Cabal CIA Is Performing False Flag Attacks
As the Deep State Attempts To Start World War III in Middle East



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