Juan O’ Savin: The International Fraudsters- Truth-A-Thon 4/27/2024 (Video)

Juan O’ Savin: The International Fraudsters- Truth-A-Thon 4/27/2024

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This is just 51 minutes of Juan’s Presentation.

As he is in Japan (Tokyo) and has worked internationally on many issues having to do with Financial and International Fraud he explains here how events in other Countries have carried over into our own USA issues of FRAUD and Money laundering that as we know affect US and the entire Western World. Where things are very different in Countries like Japan we don’t pass by the Good things but we do know that the workings here are good for US. Trying to meld everything into a UN model is a huge mistake. And an even bigger issue of World Wide Governance. It is the differences that make up this fantastic planet and the best part is you can still visit places like our greatest Allies and be treated quite well.


Please know that you choose where you live. It is most important to break the stranglehold of a bloated Central System so that TRUE CONTROL of our money stays LOCAL. Juan talks about the Government dipping their hands into our pockets with every program that draws down you paycheck to PAY for Illegals and Foreign Nationals to LIVE HERE.. without working or being brought through in a system that REQUIRES like it should criteria to become a US CITIZEN. We welcome people from other Countries IF THEY ARE NATURALIZED.


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