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Juan O’ Savin & Doug Hagmann: Silicon Based Life Forms DNA (Video)

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Richard C. Hoagland a very famous writer and very close to Juan’s early training in New Physics. Juan starts out this program first recorded by Doug Hagmann in 2014. Juan gets into the DNA Tuning that actually has been proven by recent Frequency analysis. Our base rate of the Frequency of the Earth is 8 Hz at this time. And every person on the Planet “resonates” to their OWN unique Tuning. This is why we Pray with God because he recognizes only real Human Beings as God’s Children.

The Resonance we have in every CELL in our body number 23 from each side and 23 pairs of chromosomes total. This is the Science of New Physics that Juan has talked about many times on recent programs. And he really prefers Science over Politics. But he goes where God instructs him.. and he IS CONNECTED to GOD. Everyone has this ability. Take this slowly as what we are seeing in front of us are many forms of Silicon or Artificial Intelligence. Beings that are not like us.

Take a nice trip through Sedona.. and coincidentally is on the 111 degree Longitude line that links up Bozeman, Montana and Sedona, Arizona. This GRID line is very very crucial to those that want to OWN the USA. This is evident by seeing what else is along this line. The RESONANCE of the All that Is. God’s People have been showing up here for a long time.. and this will survive the Polar Shift or the coming of the “New ERA”. Those here consider yourself lucky. Those not.. be sure to have provision. We PRAY for nothing that is strong enough to take out the entire Human Race.

I will let Juan fill you in with this program to peak your interest.

On Silicon Based Life Forms:

Speculations about weird life on other planets have always been popular among scientists and science fiction readers. It would be extremely “earth-centric” to presume that the biochemistry on our planet is the only way life can operate. But just how different can it be? One extreme example are the “Horta,” the silicon-based life portrayed in Star Trek. Could we expect organisms like that on a terrestrial, meaning Earth-type, planet? Most likely not, because the biochemistry of life is intrinsically related to its environment.

On Earth, silicon and oxygen are the main building blocks of Earth’s crust and mantle. Most rocks, particularly volcanic and igneous rocks, are built from silicate minerals, which are based on a silicon and oxygen framework. Any free silicon would be bound in these rocks, which are inert at moderate temperatures. Only at very high temperatures does the framework become more plastic and reactive, which led Gerald Feinberg and Robert Shapiro to suggest the possible existence of lavobes and magmobes that could live in molten silicate rocks.


Yet no one has ever discovered any traces of extinct life or fossils in a granite or basalt, suggesting that carbon, with its matching solvent, water, simply works so much better than silicon as a building block for life on an Earth-type planet.

Titan as seen by infrared sensors on Cassini.

From the ARCHIVES – Juan discusses with Doug Hagmann in 2014, Near Death Experiences and the infiltration of the Demon Seed. Cloning Experiments by the Elite revealed the transference of programming “they believe” was passed on through the DNA generation after generation by the 13 Illuminati Families. Counter to the Sons and Daughters of the Adamic Pure Blood line of Jesus Christ and by his Blood of the Lamb that SAVES US ALL.

Science backs this up, and Richard C. Hoagland explored many of these experiments in Programs, books and taught to students like Juan going back to the 1990′s. In 2002 Hoagland penned The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever. Richard Hoaglands work is also contemporary on the NEW PHYSICS. Which Juan included in his book Kid by the Side of the Road. (see page 19.5) And has spoken about many times with the Story of Melania’s Dress on the Back Cover of the Second Edition.

Juan also explains the Ancient Race amongst us, the Triple Helix and the Children of Cain, this is a powerful Presentation explaining the Serpent Seed that is the Cainite (Cain KING) bloodline.

Most Christians know about the Children of Cain believe that “Satan is their DAD” the Father of Sin. The Satan Worshipers also believe their Bloodlines are from an Alien Race that is superior to us. These Bloodline Families operate under a belief system of “Satanic, Hidden (Occult) Knowledge” that include Symbols, Numbers, Planetary Alignments and unfortunately Blood Sacrifices. These Symbolic Satanic Rituals and SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse is an EVIL process that evokes and communicates with these DEMONS.

Their Dark Agenda is to resurrect these DEMONS, whom they believe are their Ancestors, using “Avatars” or “Human Beings” not true MANKIND (sons of Adam), (by Demonic Possession that arrives at the moment of death to snatch a soul) While also destroying anyone that by design, Drugs, MKUltra Mind Control or by infiltration into the body and/or technocracy, that is not of their DNA. THEY WANT TO DESTROY US, ALL OF GODS CHILDREN.

This is the Insidious Dark Agenda behind TransHumanism and Technocracy. (The ruling elite using Computer Malware, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Beings).

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