Joe Biden Will Be FORCEFULLY Removed: Kash Patel!! – Stephen Gardner

Stephen Gardner news update. Kash Patel discussed his extensive experience in Counter Terrorism and National Security, highlighting his significant role in the Trump administration’s efforts against ISIS and Al-Qa’ida. The discussion touched upon media speculation regarding potential vindictiveness in the event of Trump’s election victory, with suggestions that Patel might serve as Attorney General for such purposes. Patel dismissed these claims as fear-driven narratives. The conversation also questioned Hillary Clinton’s accountability for alleged misinformation during Trump’s presidency.

Patel mentioned the FBI’s possession of Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, containing contacts and potential secrets of influential figures. He advocated for its release, suggesting it involves CEOs, billionaires, former presidents, and lawyers. The discussion also addressed accusations against Hunter Biden, emphasizing alleged tax evasion and the potential for legal consequences.


Regarding January 6th, there was speculation about FBI involvement in provoking the events, with questions about the presence of FBI assets in the crowds. Patel’s new book, “Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy,” was introduced, prompting a query on its purpose and content.

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