‘Everything Is Gone’ Massive Flooding Blows Up Dams Bridges In China! Three Gorges Dam! – Must Video

This is the nation who was given a chance for almost 40 years or one generation to established itself. But for all those things they disregard God who prosper and give them wealth. But they become engrosse with there system and even want to possess territories which does not belong to them from other peaceful nations. And now slowly everything is taken out from them by the One Who gave to it.

Imagine being a regular Chinese, having a regular job, with a partner and 2 kids… You’re one of the “Okay” ones who still manages in these uncertain times… Then this load of s**t falls on you all of a sudden. You just wanted to live your life with your family and few friends, you never annoyed anyone and don’t wish ill on other countries no matter what “Big Brother” keeps saying. My heart goes to these guys and gals… and their Kids. I wish these regular joes a brighter future… stay strong guys!

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