Derek Johnson & Navy Seal Michael Jaco > Trump Indictments Are Part Of The Operations! - Must Video - best news here

Derek Johnson & Navy Seal Michael Jaco > Trump Indictments Are Part Of The Operations! – Must Video

Guys Please understand, the normies, uninformed, clueless, uninterested or whomever on the ground are NEVER going to do their own research. Never! Ppl don’t read anymore much less dive rabbit holes! You. The military have got to inform the public of what is going on. With that said … you’re already way behind the ball at this point in doing so. Americans are suffering, dying, losing their children, working 3 jobs to pay the bills, etc., while our military sit back & observes the mayhem with fingers up their noses. Even the patriots, especially the patriots, or wondering if the white hats are really the black hats, pretending to be white hats! WTH? Even if this does turn out good, the military will never get a thank you for what they have already allowed while their number one job was to protect and defend the people of the US! Sad pathetic days for the people. May God protect and defend the citizens of the United States against foreign and domestic enemies🙏

Everyone s STORY changed in last 24 hrs. JAG MILITARY w let corruption continue business as usual. REFUSE to PROSECUTE corruption. No BRUNSON CASE NO MILITARY STEPPING IN TO SAVE YOU. 3 YRS OF PSYOP. “We are catching the bad guys”. No you were being LIED TO as they slip in. 1 WORLD CURRENCY MICROCHIP S PEDOPHILE S RUN FREE W CRIME FAMILIES W CONTINUE JAG COMPROMISED

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