Breaking! Trump Does It Again! This Changes Everything! – Full Spectrum Survival

90% death after a year of no power seems pretty accurate. I’m a senior citizen in poor health and don’t think I will make it. I still prep for my family. Someone somewhere will find my preps and they may save a life.

68 yrs old,poor health and handicapped and on SS only. Recently had to move in with one of my sons due to financial issues. Four years ago I’ve was getting by ok, living on my own. Since the 2020 STEAL, everything has been “Rollin’ Downhill Like A Snowball Headed For Hell” Last year, between rent going up $150 a month, utilities climbing and grocery prices Skyrocketing, I had to break down and move in with one of my sons. I haven’t “Not Been On My Own” since I was 18 yrs old. 50 years ago. The Democratic Corruption Machine and Evil Elite and their Modern Day Gestapo are Intentionally trying to Destroy the USA.



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