And We Know: Why Are Dem’s & MSM Attacking? Border Issues! Salvadoran Victory! President Trump With Maria Bartiroma! Ozempic! Great Awakening! – Must Video

This isn’t about taking down a couple of Corrupt politicians. This is about showing the people The evil system in which we lived under for Decades. This is a global military operation in which we The people have done all the research and gathered all the Evidence.

Some of the evidence gathered high treason sedition crimes against humanity, In the greatest crime ever committed in human history. The covid death jab, which has killed or permanently disabled five hundred eighty seven million people world wide.. We’ve given these Evil tyrants every opportunity to do the right thing. This is about showing the people the truth.


So they will have no problem with what we have to do. Nothing can stop what’s coming. Where are we go one we go all. In the end GOD WINS!

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