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And We Know: They Will Not Win! Storm Is Here! Communications Are Clear! Together! Pray! – Must Video

THEIR “ARROGANCE” KNOWS NO BOUNDS- One would think that because their own leader, Sleepy Joe was caught “Red Handed” with Classified Documents taken illegally as a Senator + V.P., that there would be “No Way” they would go after Trump on a document issue… But Not These Folks…. So Confident, So Arrogant, So Powerful they feel…… If There Is A Hidden “Trump Card” To Be Played (as some suspect), It Better Be Played Soon!

The RINOS want us to get over Trump so it can be business as usual and ignore what Biden did because the Dems and RINOS, ALL do it and for the same reason they hate Trump… THEY don’t want to stop doing the things that they do.

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