A Navy Seals New Documentary That Is Unexpected – You’ve Never Swallowed a Red Pill Like This! (Video)

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Closing our eyes to the darkness in this world doesn’t extinguish it, but deepens the trade and evil. There are more slaves now than when Lincoln was ALIVE. Now they aren’t all black and are usually not men they are mothers and sisters and little children.

They are not used for picking cotton and are not someone’s maid – they are used for their organs and the human sex trade.

You can take it from me or not – that’s fine but I would not f*ck with REMI he runs on Military TIME!

Remi AdeIeke is a former Navy SEAL whose film “The Unexpected” exposes the true story of human trafficking victims of an international organ harvesting ring…seen through the minds of the involved.

How it happens through the eyes of the victim the recipient the trafficker the middle man the harvester and beyond.

WARNING: This is not suitable for children.


This is MAGA LIT w/ Brenna JAY – Let’s GO!

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