Υou Have Until May 1st Before Ιt Happens! – Must Video

The new trend now is 18 wheelers carrying fuel are crashing blowing up fuel fire and black smoke going for miles. One in brownsville TX 4/17/23. Today another 18 wheeler full of fuel crashed on a famous bridge I think it was near Ontario. Not sure but both drivers died in the wreaks and they still haven’t got the fire under control. Evacuate orders with both. Something going on to stop all fuel from getting to the states. Go figure.

It’s already happening…. Hang on! We in for the most perverbial ride of our lives as it has been written about for MILLIONS of years… Those whom have Ears to hear have heard the call, those whom have eyes to see gave been shown what’s about to transpire. For the TRUTH shall set you/us ALL free…problem is no one speaks TRUTH anymore and are surprised people lie? Greatest philosophy of man…Those whom speak both truth and lies with the same tongue…who can handle the TRUTH??? Not many…so sad…thanks GOD, for people forgot you RUN this Universe…. Much Love

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