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Τhey Said Ιt Will Ηappen At Τhe End Οf September… And Μost Won’t Βe Ready! (About & More) 

IITM:  Some more intel and commentary on what could be a big event happening at the end of September… but I suggest that it’s more likely, something may START… and it won’t be over in a day or two.  This is why we need more people than ever, to go into OVERDRIVE with their LIGHT AND LOVE.  Why prolong the phase of CHAOS when we can GET TO THE GOOD STUFF on OUR OWN TIME AND WITH OUR OWN ENERGY.

Honestly… what is going on, is that humanity has cornered itself into taking action or to die… many will go through a dark night of the soul, and at the same time, things will be collapsing all around us… it may look hopeless, but it certainly is NOT.  Face it humanity… the darkside wouldn’t have made such headway, if the masses were not in a state of powerlessness, godlessness, laziness, distractedness, and uneducated about our own lives… so the solutions should be easily apparent from here on… painful perhaps, but hey, it’s like leaving all your studies for final exams to the last moment… stressful… yet doable.



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