Warning! It’s Spreading! 500,000 Extremely Sick! Be Very Careful Eating This! SHTF Prepping! – Patrick Humphrey News

Over 500,000 people are getting sick from alpha gal syndrome which is causing people to not be able to eat meat from a tick bite. Tick bites are spreading alpha gal syndrome in multiple states.

Stock up your prepper pantry, Food shortages at Walmart and empty shelves at Costco & Walmart can spread. Walmart,  Aldi, Safeway and Costco could have food shortages if people are not able to eat meat and ranchers go out of business.

Start prepping for shtf 2024 and wrol. Prepare now and get off grid so the grid collapse or EMP won’t affect you. Prepare now to bug out, pack your bug out bag. An EMP could collapse the power grid forcing you off grid. WW3 is closer than ever. Shtf is here in 2023 and you should be prepared. prepare for wrol in 2023. Watch Patrick Humphrey who brings you breaking news. Become a prepper. Buy silver and buy gold so you are prepared for SHTF 2023.

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