Vaccinated People Are Making HEALTHY People Sick! – Mike Adams (Must Video)

What the whole world is now witnessing is the descent to a collective state of manufactured madness, irrational fear and extreme over-reaction being experienced by the vast majority of humanity.  There is a highly organized Ordo ab Chao strategy being implemented with extremely purposeful design by demonic powers and malevolent forces.

Make no mistake, this rapidly devolving state of affairs is the direct reflection of the delusional psychopathy and utter insanity of the power elite who currently run the world.  This is exactly what happens when those who control the Earth realm attain a level of such obscene wealth and absolute control over the entire planetary civilization.

What else could be expected when The Powers That Be exert total command and control over every sphere of life?!  Given upwards of 7.8 billion digitally connected people on the planet, and that the Internet is now ubiquitous, TPTB know we have reached a defining moment in human history.  They know they’re in BIG trouble with so much truth revealed about their multi-century crime sprees on all 7 continents.

Therefore, the elites brazenly and recklessly decided to launch OPERATION COVID-19 around the globe.  Once TPTB pushed the button on this exceedingly desperate international crime wave against humanity, they knew there was no turning back.

In fact, at this point of 2021, the New World Order globalist cabal has clearly passed the point of no return.  And they know it.  Hence, the world community of nations will now be forced to deal with “VAXports & CovAIDS, Shedders & SuperSpeaders!”, unless We the People put a stop to it.

Divide and Conquer

Surely, there’s no easier way to divide and conquer all of humanity more efficiently than to first divide them into two diametrically opposed camps—the Covid Vaxxers and Anti-Vaxxers.

First, the Plandemic perps engineered a false predicament whereby all effective COVID-19 treatments were quite deliberately not approved by the American regulatory agencies and medical establishment.  That deceitful move alone set up the FDA’s legal maneuver to approve the various Covid ‘vaccines’ for “Emergency Authorization Use” only.  Once that happened, Big Pharma, W.H.O., along with Bill Gates & Company, illicitly took over the management of this transparently fabricated pandemic.

Their main tools and techniques include the release of the bioweapon — SARS-CoV-2  — and it’s many variants and mutant forms.  In this way, the perps have created a worldwide health disaster that will eventually become known as CovAIDS.

Because of how debilitating Coronavirus Syndrome truly is, this multi-infection syndrome now known as CovAIDS to the initiated will become a scourge to humankind, far exceeding the HIV scare of the 1980s and the subsequent AIDS epidemic.

This stealthily contrived global health catastrophe, they plan, will then give them justification to roll out a globally recognized VAXport.  Simply put, you don’t travel unless you can show that your COVID-19 vaccination card (and VAXport) is totally up to date.

Of course, this divide and conquer strategy has been ramped up MAJORLY by creating a vey real pandemic whereby every Covid-vaccinated individual is now a carrier of SARS-CoV-2. See: The Covid ‘Vaccine’ Has Become the Real Pandemic!

And that each infected individual has the potential to morph into a full-blown SuperSpreader by becoming a Shedder of the dangerous spike proteins put into the fake vaccines.

In this manner, every vaccinated person will become a vector of dissemination for SARS-CoV-2 as well as for the shedding pernicious spike proteins which can lead to various neurological disorders similar to Mad Cow Disease.

If this ongoing crisis is permitted to continue unabated, there can be only one outcome.  The vaccinated Shedders and SuperSpreaders will become a very serious super threat to the unvaxxed and healthy folks.  Conversely, those who refuse all Covid injections, shots and jabs will be incorrectly viewed by the vaxxed as a danger to their health.

Now do you see how TPTB have set this game up to divide and rule humankind … without firing a single shot … … … rather, by administering billions and billions of shots.

Action Plan

Post and send out this exposé everywhere and anywhere—POST-HASTE!  And please share widely the following excellent advice written by The Coronavirus Coach.  All of our lives and livelihoods greatly depend on the enlightened among US educating the unaware and misinformed regarding this slow-motion ELE.


There can be only one conclusion to this meticulously planned and clinically executed global genocide. See: MEDICIDE: How American Hospitals and Doctors Methodically Murdered Covid Patients

The fierce determination of TPTB to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations is painfully evident.  Operation Warp Speed is not only about jabbing as many Americans possible as quickly as possible, it’s also about implementing the nefarious New World Order agenda with all deliberate speed.  After all, a dangerously drugged and thoroughly debilitated populace cannot successfully mount a resistance movement to such a massive and monolithic conspiracy.

Moreover, the only way to practically carry out the dehumanizing scheme is to establish a COVID-1984 regime that exerts maximum control over every human being.  The Covid pandemic hoax and fake vaccine, PCR tests and anal tests, lockdowns and shut downs, quarantines and forced isolation, social distancing and sheltering in place, face masks and latex gloves, variants and mutants, etc. all contribute considerable to the emerging COVID-1984 global reality.

In view of this rapidly unfolding predicament, TPTB seem to have no choice but to dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves.  They are doing this by conducting a new phase of OPERATION COVID-19 now known as OPERATION COVID-19 VARIANT. See: OPERATION COVID-19 VARIANT & THE PERPETUAL PANDEMIC HOAX.

They know that it’s either US being corralled into a perpetual COVID-1984 prison; or their necks at the end of a rope—FOR REAL.  The power elite have now pissed off so many people around the globe that they have no where to run when the Nuremberg trials begin.


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