US military to roll out Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID vaccine (SpFN) that we fear is designed to kill active duty troops and weaken America’s military defenses

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

Operation Warp Speed is actually an operation to exterminate Americans

Don’t forget that President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed and bragged about using the US military to distribute and administer vaccines. That plan is still in place, and it almost certainly means the military will be invoked to go door-to-door, forcibly injecting people with death shots at gunpoint.

If you don’t think that day is coming, you are an oblivious idiot. Every single thing you’re seeing happen right now is something I publicly predicted years in advance: The medical kidnapping, forced quarantine centers, vaccine passports, mask mandates, medical censorship and all of it.

People like myself, Alex Jones and a few others have a near-perfect track record of calling all this in advance. What was considered a “conspiracy theory” five years ago is now a public reality.

All they need now is the release of a far more aggressive bioweapon followed by mass media hysteria and a call to silence or imprison all “anti-vaxxers.” In 2022, look for a new state of emergency to be declared, followed by an attempt at nationwide gun confiscation and gunpoint vaccine enforcement anywhere they can get away with it.

They likely won’t be able to pull it off in rural areas and in red states like Texas and Florida, but they’ll try it in New York, California, Colorado, New Jersey and other blue states. Anyone who goes along with it will likely be dead within a decade. The covid death camps will be ramped up across blue states, and exterminations will be under way well before the end of 2022.

It’s a depopulation program, after all. Those who volunteer to be depopulated shall get their wish via the spike protein nanoparticle injections.

First rule of survival: Don’t inject yourself with biological weapons…



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