“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is none other than Joe Biden’s daughter Naomi Christina Amy Biden! She did not die in a car crash as reported back in 1972.

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

Expand your thinking. We are all learning. Do your own research before demanding facts, evidence, links that will never serve you anyway. You need to do your own research, knowledge is power & then you own your work. This is the only way you will unlearn and relearn & know to continue learning.

Experts predict that an EMP strike that wipes out electricity across the nation would ultimately lead to the demise of up to 90% of the population. However, this figure begs an important question: if we were able to live thousands of years without even the concept of electricity, why would we suddenly all die without it?

Ignorance or knowledge is a choice,

so is the choice to support evil or good.


This story spread on social media yesterday, we can not confirm it is 100% true, but it is something to consider. The world is a stage and what do any of us REALLY know? Worth a dig, here is what I came up with in a few hours:


Read More https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/12/u-s-supreme-court-justice-amy-coney-barrett-is-none-other-than-joe-bidens-daughter-naomi-christina-amy-biden-she-did-not-die-in-a-car-crash-as-reported-back-in-1972-3763617.html

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