Trump’s Election Trap! Nevada’s Next! EPIC Q Comms! Zuckerberg’s Big Tech Trouble! Fauci Caught in China’s Pocket! (Must Video)


Trump’s Election Trap! Nevada’s Next! EPIC Q Comms! Zuckerberg’s Big Tech Trouble! Fauci In China’s Pocket!

Trump’s Election Trap! He knew the dems would take the bait. They had to. And Patriots have everything! Military Intelligence recorded it all! Nevada’s Next on a long list of states that will proceed with forensic audits! Sometimes you can’t tell the people the truth, you must show them!

Several days ago Q promised 4 Big BOOMS! Today Dan Scavino Tweeted a jet hitting 4 Consecutive Sonic Booms! How many coincidences before it is mathematically impossible? This will truly be a Week to Remember!

Arrests & Military Tribunals Are Coming SOON! Zuckerberg and @Jack’s Big Tech Trouble! Fauci was in China’s Pocket! The Obamas, Bidens & Clintons will all end up in GITMO for High Treason! BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

Trump vows “We’re Going To Take Back Our Country SOONER THAN YOU THINK! You will see things you’ve never seen before!” Trump Will Not Return as The President of The Bankrupt U.S. Corporation, but rather The President of The New Republic of The United States! In this New American Republic We The People have all the power. There is NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX! And America returns to The Gold Standard! Plus NESARA will be inacted and all debts of every American will be cancelled!

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