Trump Supporters Hosting “Presidents’ Day” Rally In Florida Go Crazy When President Trump’s Motorcade Does Surprise Drive-By [VIDEO]

Today is Presidents’ Day, and while not one person that we know of is hosting a “President Biden” rally, a huge crowd of Trump supporters gathered together this afternoon to honor President Trump in his home state of Florida.

The crowd got a huge surprise when President Trump appeared in the back of his limo, waving and smiling at the group.

Watch Video:

The rally to support America’s most popular president in West Palm Beach, Florida comes only two days after President Trump was acquitted for a second time by the Senate after a mob of unhinged Democrats staged an impeachment to prevent him from being able to run for President again in 2024.

Any Democrat who sees this crowd of supporters 3 months after the November election, still showing up to show their support for a former president on Presidents’ Day, should be concerned about Donald J. Trump if he decides to run again.

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