Trump and Dr Fauci Met with Robert Kennedy Jr about Vaccines (video)

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In November 2020, Robert Kennedy Jr was on the Theo von Clips podcast, when he was asked about his would-be role as the vaccine safety czar for the new Trump administration.

As Kennedy recalls, “I got a call from his chief of staff, saying the President-Elect wants to meet and he wants to talk about vaccines. So, you know, I’ve been an activist on trying to get safer vaccines for a long time and of course I agreed to meet with him….

“I went to New York and met with him in Trump Tower…it was about a two-hour meeting…people were coming in and out of that meeting. So Steve Bannon was there, Reince Priebus, you remember him, Hope Hill was there, Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner and both the President’s sons, at various times were in that meeting…

“But I had a lot of time alone with President Trump, too. He said that he believed that vaccines were making people sick. Specifically, he had three women friends who were mothers, one who was in the building that day who had perfectly healthy kids who had gotten their ‘wellness visits’ when they were around two years old and the children never were the same after those visits. They all had been subsequently diagnosed with autism. And he believed that it was linked to the vaccines.

“And because he had been open about that during the campaign, hundreds of women had – the same thing that happened to me, that got me into this career-killing advocacy; vaccine safety, obviously.

“People start coming up to you and saying, ‘This happened to me. This happened to my son. I had a perfectly healthy child and who exceeded all his milestones and I took him in at 16 months and he was speaking, he was a toilet-trained, he had social interactions and I took him in and he had a shot or a series of shots, usually – could be up to nine and at night, he’s like fever 103ºF – I mean, the stories were nearly all identical; they had a seizure and then over the next three months, they lose all of their capacity for social interactions, for eye contact…

“So, I go in there and he tells me these stories and he says he wants to do something about it…he was dead serious and he asked whether I would run a vaccine safety commission. Then he asked what I would do.

“And I said, ‘Listen, I don’t think you have to do a big political lift. All I think you need to do is open up the databases and allow independent scientists in there to actually look at the science, because the HMOs have all the vaccine data, down to batch, for every child in America and they also have the medical records, so all you have to do – in fact, what you can do now is, AI can do machine-counting and you can do cluster analysis.

“And you can figure out very, very quickly, whether all of these epidemics – not just of neurodevelopmental diseases, like all the ADD the ADHD, the speech like the Tourettes and the narcolepsy the ASD and autism, the allergic diseases; food allergies, peanut allergies, asthma and all the autoimmune.

“And they’re all listed, by the way, on the vaccine inserts as ‘vaccine side effects’, because the only way that you can sue – you know, they passed this law in 1986 and made it illegal to sue a vaccine company for injury – but you still can sue them, if they know of an injury that’s caused by their vaccine and they don’t list it on the side effects.

“They list 400 injuries…they’re not allowed to list it unless there’s significant evidence that is actually being caused by the vaccine. FDA is not allowed to allow them to list it unless FDA believes it’s being caused by the vaccine…

“Well, I said to [Trump], ‘What do you want me to do?’ and he said, ‘We want you to announce it.’

“So, Jared Kushner escorted me to the press scrum. So then I went down and announced it; talked to the press and then, a week later, Pfizer made a million dollar contribution to Trump’s inaugural and then, Trump comes in and we continue to have some meetings with Fauci that he had set up, that we’re part of this process and we’re rolling to get this thing started…

“I’m about to publish a book on Fauci and he’s been there for 50 years, so he’s like J Edgar Hoover and the only way that you last in that agency for 50 years is by carrying water for the pharmaceutical industry and under his watch – he’s supposed to prevent autoimmune and allergic diseases – under his watch, chronic disease has gone from affecting 12% of the American population to 54%.

“We take more pharmaceutical drugs than anybody in the world. He’s made this country pharmaceutical nation…and the way that you get allergies is from the aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine, which is put in that vaccine to initiate an allergic response and so, if you have a sesame seed oil as an excipient in the vaccine or if you’re if you’re eating sesame seeds when you have that aluminum adjuvant in you, it can provoke an allergic permanent allergy.

“Look, you don’t know anybody who is my age who has food allergies. Very, very hard to find. I think it’s one in something like 1,300. And today, if you’re born after 1989…I think it’s one in 12, now. Autism went from one in 10,000 in my generation to one in every 34 kids. And it’s the same with all these chronic diseases that are all listed as side effects…Well, that’s correlation, which isn’t actually proof but if you actually go into the scientific literature, the proof is there.

“I said [to Trump], ‘You don’t have to do any heavy lifting, you don’t have to go to Congress, you don’t have to change regulations. All you have to do is open up the Vaccine Safety Data Link, which is the medical records for the top nine HMOs and allow independent scientists to go in there and just open it up, so they can start publishing.’

“[But] Tony Fauci make sure nobody can get in there and you know, even when Congress ordered these two scientists…ordered them to go in there and they let them into the place, they gave them one study room, they would not allow them near a copy machine, they allowed them pencils and they had to write down data and they cranked the heat in the room up to 105ºF and they stole their hard drives and…

“Big Pharma stepped in and Trump appoints Pfizer’s lobbyist to run FDA – Scott Gottlieb – and Eli Lilly’s lobbyist, Alex Azar to run HHS and as soon as they came in, they shut us down…I was very bummed…It was within our grasp…”

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