They Threw 12000 Tons Of Orange Peels In The Forest 16 Years Later They Returned To See The Results

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It was a usual bright day in the Guanacaste Conservation Area located in Costa Rica. The year was 1997. The animals and plants were thriving here and had never looked better. That was when out of nowhere many trucks appeared approaching the forest from far away. These trucks made their way along the track and surprisingly dumped the cargo they were carrying in the middle of the Conservation. They left as quickly as they had arrived. Confusing right!
The cargo they dropped was even more puzzling. It wasn’t some sort of waste or dumpster content, instead these trucks had unloaded orange peels. Over the coming year, more than a thousand trucks drove in to this beautiful natural reserve and dumped a whopping 12,000 metric tons of orange peel in this place. Was someone trying to vandalize the Conservation? Were they trying to destroy the natural habitat in some way or was it a plan to destroy the natural elements using a natural deterrent in order to urbanize the area?
Well, we’ve done some homework to find out the strange story behind this clash between man and nature and in doing so have come across many similar ones too.

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