[They] Are Losing Their System Of Control! The Media Is Complicit! Martha, Queen & Lies! Pray! – And We Know 

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

I love how the Democrats are calling people who came here to the US – who willingly and knowingly crossed our border illegally – “political pawns.”

News just in, walls being rapidly constructed around ‘Sanctuary Cities’ as we speak!

That opening, LT, is very pertinent to us here in the UK where thousands of illegal immigrants are being ferried in everyday to our country by The Royal Navy. You couldn’t make it up.There’s nobody to complain to since all the Members of Parliament seem to be on permanent holiday and there is nobody in charge of the United Kingdom any longer!

I don’t feel like a terrorist. I fell more like a God fearing, America loving patriot. And I for one am totally sick of these demoncraps destroying the very foundation of this great Republic! The governors who are shipping illegals to the sanctuary cities are my heros! I am sure that they ain’t seen nothing yet!🤣

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