The Winning Continues! Trump Wins Straw Poll! Many Waking Up! Cabal Losing Their Hold! Not Over Yet! Pray! – And We Know

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

We take the watch from here.

We will never allow the ultimate sacrifice, of far too many, to go in vain.

Together we focus on the gains of honor, freedom, and justice, instead of money, fame, and power.

This was never about self, but about us all. About our families, loved ones, neighbors, the innocence of the little ones that must be preserved.

We adhere to the rule of law and act peacefully to accomplish the tasks at hand. Love and caring for one another are by far the most powerful weapons in our arsenal. Patience and long suffering are our attributes.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, never confuse our kindness for weakness.

We are many
We do not forget
We are coming



For God and Country,
Much love

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