The Trump “Prophecies” Based On 2 Books Written Over 100 Years Ago Namely “The Last President”! Is Trump The Last Elected President? Obama Goes Into The Shapeshifting To Robotoid Akhenaten Files! Must See Videos!

ource:  Tamara Desiree Magdalene the Lioness of THE YESHUA

The Trump “Prophecies” (Repost) #1

Two Books written over 120 yeras old are uncannily similar to Donald Trump and Barron Trump.  The Last President book even mentions Laif Pence.

Read More https://beforeitsnews.com/christian-news/2021/10/the-trump-prophecies-based-on-2-books-written-over-100-years-ago-namely-the-last-president-is-trump-the-last-elected-president-obama-goes-into-the-shapeshifting-to-robotoid-ak-2602041.html

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