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The Texas Shooting Just Got Weirder! Something Doesn’t Add Up! – The Red Elephants Video 

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

IF there are REAL victims, then I doubt it was an organic thing. A REAL crazy adult who went to a children’s school and kill everyone. IF it was REAL, it was an inside job. Aside from all the typical weirdness and nobody saying the same thing, it was on time for biden to go all in with the no discussion change of law. That says everything. If the police didn’t move it’s because they had superior orders to stay still. Upper orders mean: the club. Because the “club” orchestrated it.

We didn’t go in because if we got shot we couldn’t stop him from shooting even more.

So.. we didn’t go in because your little sons and daughters are just not important enough for us to risk our lives. Oh and you parents can’t go in either because we are here to protect and to serve.. and you might get hurt trying to save your little defenseless children.

What’s so hard to understand?

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