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JESUIT FREEMASON POPE kissing a Rothschild lackey
Chabad is a criminal organiztion like the JESUITS and in every country of the world.
You now have CNN telling the normies that the Durham Report is devastating to the FBI and does exonerate Trump.
This is a slam dunk when it comes to narrative warfare.
CNN is under WhiteHat control
Explosive Revelations in the Durham Report: Hillary Clinton’s Sinister Plot to Take Down Trump Exposed!

Prepare to be shocked as we uncover the jaw-dropping details of the Durham Report. Unveiling a web of deceit, Clinton’s payment to operatives was just the tip of the iceberg. Their mission? To orchestrate a treacherous scheme, framing Trump for treason in a desperate bid to dethrone him from power. Astonishingly, top figures including Obama, Biden, and the FBI were fully aware of this charade, yet they shamelessly pushed forward.


Silent Betrayal: Kevin McCarthy’s Shocking Silence on the Durham Report Raises Alarming Questions!

HOLY CHIT! After Kyiv just got bombarded with air-strikes US Patriot systems were unable to intercept, Zelensky and Putin agree to meet with African Leaders in separate meetings to discuss a peace plan!

Zelensky knows he is dead if he returns to Ukraine.

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