The Fourth Reich! It’s Happening! – Greg Reese – SGT Report Must Video

Greg Reese from Infowars joins me to talk about fake news and to dissect REAL news and the war being waged against humanity.

It’s not the corrupt politicians that bother me but the millions of people who think those corrupt politicians have some sort of authority. The easiest way to start and win a revolution is to stop doing what they say.

On 6/22/2021, New York City (“NYC”) started to use “Ranked Choice Voting” for the first time in U.S. history; Chuck Schumer et al wanted this method. There were more than 10 DEMS ran for the NYC mayor primary. Today, one of the DEMS, Eric Adams, an African American candidate, complained in the same fashion as Donald Trump did about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Adams (D-NY) says that he was cheated because he was leading way ahead among all the candidates and yet overnight, he has lost over 135,000 votes. Adams is demanding recounting of the votes (among DEM candidates) and claiming that this new voting system does NOT work. Since Adams is DEM, the media took this matter immediately and seriously. As to the Republican side, there were only two candidates and Curtis Sliwa, an American activist, founder, and CEO of the Guardian Angels was selected. The final voting for the NYC Mayor position will be done this November, but if DEMS fight among themselves, it might be delayed.

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